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Best Boxing Jump Ropes You Will Want To Buy

Jump ropes are an extremely effective workout hence why boxers have been using jump ropes since the beginning of boxing. However, I’m sure the likes of Jack Dempsey didn’t have as much choice of ropes as we do nowadays. With so many types of ropes and brands, it’s hard to choose which one is right for you.

So in this article, I will give not only give you an idea of just what to look for when purchasing a jump rope for boxing but also a list of ropes that, in my opinion, are the best. 

Without jumping straight into the list I think I should give a few points on the different types of jump rope you can buy.

Weighted Handles

Weighted brown jum rope

Weighted handles can be great if you are looking to add that extra effort to skipping. The weights are in the handles and are usually removable.

Why buy a weighted skipping rope?

The reason you would have weights in the handles mainly is to bring your shoulders into the skip a bit more. I use an RDX L2 leather jump rope for warming up which works great. More on this rope below.

Leather Rope

The authentic classic jump rope would have been leather. Leather is durable, strong and has a bit of weight to it. This is great because you can feel the rope swing.

Why choose a leather jump rope?

If you will be using on a timber floor, a mat or inside a gym I would go with a leather rope. It is durable and slides nicely across a wooden floor. It also has a real authentic look.

Plastic/PVC Rope

PVC plastic Jump Rope

While they might look the least appealing to the lot plastic ropes can be most effective for many reasons. These ropes are versatile and quick. The thin handles and lightweight make them great for crossovers and other tricks. These are probably the most used and most bought due to the low cost and speed.

Why choose a plastic jump rope?

The main reason being they are great for outdoors if you need to use a jump rope on concrete or tarmac I would recommend getting one of these. There are also ways to keep your rope in good condition while using outdoors like bringing a mat with you to use so the rope isn’t scraping off the ground.

Either way, I think it’s best to buy a plastic rope if you want a good allrounder.

Speed Rope

Speed Jump rope

The speed ropes are not the typically used jump rope in boxing although some boxers do use them. These ropes travel at speed and is so thin that you will not feel the weight at all. Speed Ropes can also work outside as the wire in the rope will hold against the rough terrain and the light wire rope cuts through the wind.

Another bonus is they are extremely light and can be easily brought in your pocket or in a bag.

Why choose a Speed Jump Rope?

These are the ropes what are extremely thin. Basically a wire with handles. These are great if you are looking for a burn them extra few calories at the end of the workout.

Beaded Jump Rope

Beaded Jump Rope

These are the jump ropes that look like bracelets. I personally don’t own one but I have tried them and what is great for is jumping rope outdoors.

Why choose a beaded Jump Rope?

As I mentioned above u might choose a jump rope if you know that the only place you can use it is outside or on a hard course floor.

What size should I buy

It’s good to note that most ropes you can adjust afterwards at the handle.

A good way to check is if you stand in the middle of the rope and pull the handles up toward your chest. If they reach your nipple then the rope is the right length for you.

However, if you are buying online below is a chart that matched your height with the length of the rope.

Your HeightLength of Rope
4ft up to 4′ 9″7ft
4′ 10″ – 5′ 3″ 8ft
5′ 4″ – 5′ 11″9ft
6′ 0″ – 6′ 4″10ft
6′ 4″ +11ft

Now that you have all the information on what type of rope and what size to choose it’s now time to now take a look at my favourite ropes to use.

Here is my top pics for boxing jump ropes in no particular order.

1:RDX C10

This rope is perfect for bringing to the gym and using at home inside or outside. The rope is made from PVC which is durable and lightweight. The rope is typical of what most boxers use. 

It is simple and cost-effective. The C10 is light enough to move quickly through the air but heavy enough to feel while you’re skipping. 

Click below to check prices.

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2: RDX L2

This is my go-to rope for warming up. I leave the weights in the handles just so I can warm up the shoulders also. I know skipping is all in the wrists but trust me with this rope you will also engage the shoulders too. 

The look of the rope is great. It has a genuine leather smell thanks to the 100% cowhide leather rope. Also, the wooden handles boast authenticity. 

The handles are solid but actually light when you remove the weights which I like. 

The rope is connected through a 90-degree swivel which is great. It allows the rope to rotate freely without tangling.

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3: RDX C4

This rope is light but solid. The handles have a great finish with knurling running the entire handle for a great grip. 

The rope itself is made from aluminium wire wrapped in PVC. This rope will last and not rust thanks to the durability of the aluminium. One great thing about this type of rope is it won’t tangle in your gym bag due to the wire running through it.

The length of the rope is easily adjustable with an L key. 

You turn at the handle, then adjust the length and then tighten again.

This rope falls into the speed rope category. I usually use this rope at the end of a workout to finish the workout off and burn off the last few calories.

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So there you have my favourite jump ropes for boxing. Ropes can be expensive but it really doesn’t matter what the price is. You can still achieve your goal with a low priced rope. 

The construction quality of the ropes mentioned above are all of the highest quality and that’s all you need. 

It really doesn’t have to be complicated choosing a rope. In my honest opinion, you can’t go wrong with an inexpensive PVC jump rope.

Also, remember that you don’t have to be a boxer to use a jump rope. If you are in the Combat Sports world jump rope is a must for most. Or you could simply be looking to lose weight and get fit then grabbing one of these ropes will start in the right direction to achieving your goal.

Look after your rope and remember that all ropes have wear and tear just like these.

wear on Speed Jump Rope
wear on leather jump rope

Now that you have your new rope why not try a few skills like Floyd Mayweather below.

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