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Best Home Workout Routine to Prepare Your Summer Body

If you plan to prepare your body for summer or are just tired of excessive weight, a home workout routine might be the best starting point. This review covers the most valuable and working exercises which you can repeat at home and lose weight. Yet, please do be careful, and do not stress your body much if you did not do any workouts for a while.

Preparing for Home Workout Program Practice

First off, prior to jumping into the best home workouts, understand what you want. All training specialists insist on having a clean-cut scheme and goal since it helps to step by step achieve it. It may be loose skin or just poor shape after the pregnancy among others. Then, do also stick to the next recommendations when choosing a home workout routine:

  • Understand your preparation level. Do not take exercises that will do nothing except for a delayed onset muscle soreness;
  • Build a plan of training hours. You should decide on the best hours to start your workouts. Stick either to morning or evening workout;
  • Prepare a place at home. You should surround yourself with comfort, so nothing will distract you.

That’s pretty it when it comes to basic preparation. Note, you can also find professional trainers online and ask them a few questions about such programs. For instance, Chloe Ting is perfect for YouTube workouts, and she answers questions in the feed.

Best Home Workout Routine – Top Exercises

Now, let’s move to the list of the top exercises for your home workout program.

#1 Warm-Ups

Never neglect warming up exercises because they are a secret to stretching and no injury outcomes. You can jump rope, rotate your hips, or proceed with push-ups. All of them should have repetitions. Jump rope for at least 3 minutes, rotate your hips – 5 or 10 for each leg, and 20 push-ups will be enough. Such warm-ups do also contribute to shaping your body.

#1 Bodyweight Exercises for Beginners

If you follow any sports influencers on social media, you are most likely to come across the promotion of squats as a part of the best home workout routine. And, they definitely work, especially for your buttocks. Alongside them, there is an additional bodyweight home workout program, check below:

  • Squats – 20 repetitions. Ensure your knees do not step out of your toes. You may use a dumbbell for extra weight;
  • Push-ups – 10-15 repetitions. If you cannot handle your weight with your hands, you may also try to do it on your knees;
  • Walking lunges – 10-15 on each leg. The same precaution with your knees applies here. Ensure they do not step out your toes;
  • Plank – 15-60 seconds. This is probably the hardest part of every fitness workout program at home for the ladies and men stomach and tricep. Start with 15 seconds, and with every day enlarge the timeline. Ensure your back is straight, and do not lift your buttocks too high.

#3 Bodyweight for Advanced People

This home workout routine is perfect for people who get used to beginner’s exercises and require an upgrade.

  • Squats – 30-100 reps. You can also use expanders and fitness ribbons to make it more complex. Wear the ribbon on your legs upper the knees;
  • Step-ups – 20 reps on each leg. It fits those who have a stepper at home. Or, you can use any other platform that is firm;
  • Dips – 10 reps. Take a chair and do push-ups with it. It helps to strengthen your chest and balance the core of your body.

#4 Quick Exercises

If you lay at home and just want to fill every minute of your time with some workouts, you can also switch to bed exercises.

  • Scissors – 20 reps on each leg. When laying on the bed, lift your legs and do the scissor movements. 1 min for your legs is enough;
  • Lift-ups of your legs – 30 seconds. Upon laying, just lift your legs and keep them up for 30 seconds.

Tips on Fitness Workout Program at Home

That’s it when it comes to the best home workout routine. Let’s now finalize your efforts with professional tips. 

  1. Do never go for a workouts program when you have an injury;
  2. Do not practice even an easy home workout program several times per day since you may be at risk of injuries and extreme tiredness;
  3. Overlook your hydration. Keep a bottle of water next to you just not to faint;
  4. Think about a fitness workout program at home alongside a healthy diet for the best outcomes.

For the best results, start such a workout routine at the gym with a professional. After that, repeat everything safely at home.

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