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Floyd Mayweahter Jr is regarded by many as the greatest boxer of all time. His “Mayweather plan” gained the reputation of almost the same level. With a perfect record of 50-0 Mayweather has conquered some of the greatest fighters in an era of super athletes. 

So just how did Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather manage to succeed in every bout against the elite of the elite in today’s boxing world? 

In this article we will run through just what makes Floyd Mayweather the incredible athlete that he is and at the end, we will give you a free downloadable PDF.

In a book titled ‘Greatest Ever Boxing Workouts book by Gary Todd’ An interview with Floyd Jr details his workout and training routine leading up to a big fight.

Before we jump straight to Floyd Mayweather workout routine and diet, we must first take a brief look at Floyd’s past to see just where his drive and determination stems from.

The Beginning of Floyd Mayweather Training Routine: When Did He Start Boxing?

Every champion has a path. Floyd Mayweather Jr was born into a family of boxers in 1977. His father Floyd Mayweather Sr was a welterweight boxer and his uncles Jeff and Roger Mayweather were also professional boxers. So in this sense, Floyd had an incredible head start being brought up by so many boxers that were sure to influence his hobbies and interests.

Although he was brought into an environment of professional boxers the family was not rich. As a result, he and the Mayweather plan have become incredibly famous.

Floyd states:

I lived in New Jersey with my mother and we were seven deep in one bedroom and sometimes we didn’t have electricity. When people see what I have now, they have no idea of where I came from and how I didn’t have anything growing up.

This was because of his father spent a lot of his childhood locked up for selling drugs and his mother was a drug addict.

This pushed Floyd Jr to become the success he is today. Floyd put all his energy into boxing and dropped out of high school coached by his uncle Roger Mayweather. The first Floyd Mayweather workout regimen did him good.

The insane training schedule has helped Floyd mould into an incredible boxer and by the age of 19 qualified for the American Olympic Team.

Floyd Mayweather Jr won an Olympic Bronze medal in the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta beaten by Serafim Simeonov Todorov in a controversial decision similar to Roy Jones Jr’s loss in the 1988 Olympics.

Mayweahter Jr wasted no time in turning pro following his success at the Olympic Games and quickly turned pro fighting his first professional on October 11, 1996, when he knocked out Roberto Apodaca in Round 2.

Floyd Mayweather Workout and Diet: What Does Mayweather Eat?

Even Floyd Mayweather workout plan wouldn’t be full without a meal program. Lifting weights requires lifting bowls of food to provide results. Before a big fight Floyd fuels his body with a According to a recent report in TMZ in which they spoke to Floyd’s chef:

“A typical breakfast includes eggs, home fries, grits, various breakfast meats including bacon, turkey sausage, turkey ham and turkey Kabasa, and pancakes. Floyd’s ‘obsessed’ with spaghetti bolognese. He’s had it pretty much every day leading up to the fight. Other favorites: BBQ chicken, baked chicken with rice and gravy and all sorts of soul food.”

Floyd Mayweather Workout Plan

Floyd Mayweather training routine varies from fight to fight of course depending on the opponent but one thing is for certain. He has extreme determination and drive, and so does Floyd Mayweather workout plan.

Here is a typical day in camp for Floyd Mayweather Jr.training

  • Shadowboxing: 4 x 3-minute rounds
  • Heavy Bag: 10 x 3-minute rounds (depending on the training camp)
  • Speed Bag: 2 x 3-minute rounds
  • Jump Rope (as a cardio exercise): 15 minutes (high intensity)
  • Floorwork: 300 total: Sit-ups, leg raises, side to sides and medicine ball exercises, standup sit-ups (trainer holds the legs, while Floyd stands up straight while shadowboxing, then sits down into a sit-up) Also, neck-strength exercises are included in the workout.
  • Body Belt: Varies but usually 3 x 3 rounds
  • Focus Pads: 6 x 3 rounds (Fast Combinations)
  • Stretch and Warm Down

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On sparring days Floyd Mayweather training routine changes; he spars more rounds depending on how close he is to the fight.

Outside of the gym work Floyd does lots of roadwork and has often been known to do a several mile run after a night clubbing or partying.

Floyd does not drink or smoke at all. This is a part of his regime and life philosophy. In case you were thinking hey how is he working out after a night of drinking.

Does Floyd Mayweather Still Train?

Floyd Mayweather workout is alive as always! Floyd still trains alongside some of his fighters that are in the Mayweather Promotion and that train at his gym.

Mayweather has been seen training as if for a fight on several occasions including this footage below which was released in April 2020.

Who Has Floyd Mayweather Fought?


I don’t think you need to be told about Floyd’s resume or accomplishments but I think it gives you an idea of just how good this fighter is/was. Floyd Mayweather workout routine should have shown you what the guy is capable of.

Floyd Mayweather Jr has held 15 world titles in five weight classes. 

With wins over 

  • Manny Pacquaio
  • Canelo Alvarez
  • Marcus Maidana
  • Miguel Cotto
  • Shane Mosley
  • Oscar De La Hoya 

to name a few Floyd Mayweather Jr.workout, diet, and accomplishments will go down in history as one of the greatest of all-time, making him possibly the best defensive boxer of all time.

What Floyd Mayweather Net Worth?

Mayweather at pressconference

Thanks to his skills in the ring Floyd Mayweather has accumulated more than $1 Billion.

According to the Forbes rich list, his net worth in 2018 was $285 million. Floyd can easily earn up to $300 million a year between fighting, promoting, and sponsors and endorsements.

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