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Should My Kid Learn Kickboxing? Everything You Need To Know

Is Kickboxing For kids a good idea? As a parent, you need to make sure that you know exactly which activities to allow your kids to participate in and kickboxing is definitely a great option for many reasons.

Many people look at the sport of kickboxing as a violent and dangerous sport, possibly too dangerous for kids, but there are so many benefits it has to offer.

So presuming you are already considering sending your child to Kickboxing we are going breakdown and look at the many reasons and benefits that the sport kickboxing has to offer for your kids.

What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a combat sport based on kicks and punches. It is very similar to boxing with the exception of kicks. The fight takes place on the feet and never goes to the ground.

Adults KickBoxing

Why Should My Kid Do Kickboxing?

For most parents, kickboxing is definitely not the first option when it comes to choosing a sport for their kids to participate in. You may think that kickboxing will make your kids more aggressive or possibly get them seriously injured, but that’s just not the case. 

Kickboxing can actually make your kids a lot less aggressive. It teaches them to focus channel there energy and they’ll take most of their anger and aggression out while they’re practicing the sport. 

They will also learn to control their temper a lot better.

Kickboxing for kids will actually have a lot more advantages than disadvantages for them and it will build your kids self-confidence, and help them overcome difficult situations they may face later in life.

You also don’t have to worry as much about your kids suffering from being overweight and having many health issues related to that. As Kickboxing is a high-intensity sport it will definitely keep them fit and entertained.

Kickboxing will definitely play a major role when it comes to the overall well-being and health of your kids.

Overall the sport will benefit their character and help develop and grow.

What age should my kid start Kickboxing?

It does not matter a major difference as to what age your child should start kickboxing, however, in my opinion, the early the child starts the better as he/she will learn the basics quite easily and have more time to develop the skills even further.

Most gyms do have a minimum age to start so best to check in with your preferred gym first. 

Some gyms take kids from as young as 5 years of age.

What Equipment do I need to start Kickboxing?

Kickboxing for kids is not very expensive at all, and you will definitely not need a lot of equipment. 

Here are some things you might consider purchasing when your kid is ready to start kickboxing. 

Some of these items are optional, but they will help your kids improve their kickboxing performance.

  • Gloves
  • Shin Guards
  • Mouth Guards
  • Headgear
  • Handwraps
  • Freestanding Bag

5 Benefits of Kickboxing for kids

Kids practicing kickboxing

Now we are going to look at 5 great benefits of kickboxing for kids so that you can have a better idea of what to expect from this sport.

Number 1 – Great workout

As a parent, there’s nothing worse than having a kid that’s unhealthy because they don’t get enough exercise.

Kickboxing will definitely provide a great workout for your kid in so many ways using different muscle groups and your kid will definitely be more active, which will also help them avoid many health problems that many kids and people suffer from all around the world.

As a parent, you will be able to relax knowing that things such as health issues due to being overweight or anything similar to that, will have a lesser chance of affecting your child.

Another great reason for your child being so active is the great effect it has on their mental health. Science has proven that there is a direct link the mental health and exercise.

Number 2 – It will definitely teach them to defend themselves

If your kids are even in a situation where they have to defend themselves, kickboxing will teach your kids how to handle that situation. And as a parent, you wouldn’t have to worry about your kids being so vulnerable if they’re ever put in a bad situation like that.

And of course, they will also learn that they should only use their kickboxing skills to defend themselves, and never to purposely hurt anyone else.

We all know that bullying is a very big problem in many schools all around the world. And you as a parent, won’t have to worry about your kids being bullied at school either. After all, no kids are going to want to mess with a kid that knows how to kickbox.

Number 3 – Teaches Focus And Discipline

When your kid is in the sport of kickboxing, they will learn why it’s so important to be focused and disciplined.

And if your kid falls in loves with the sport and wants to be good at it, they will realize that it takes a lot of concentration and dedication and in order for your kid to be able to concentrate at a high level, it takes a lot of discipline. 

While training and learning it takes time. This will teach the kid to be patient, that the technique will come eventually through practice and persistence.

Number 4 – Help Them Cope With Losing Or Feeling Disappointed Later On In Life

As a parent, one of the worst things you can do is spoil your kids all the time. They need to know that there’s going to come a time when they can’t have something they want, and they have to be emotionally ready to cope with that.

In the sport of kickboxing, your kids will not get everything handed to them and they will definitely take some losses, and feel disappointed at times. 

However, in the process, they will learn how to emotionally deal with it and move on. 

This will prepare your kids to deal with sad and disappointing situations that they may deal within the real world, as they get older.

Number 5 – Teaches them to be social

As a parent, is not a good feeling knowing that your kids have no trouble making friends at school, or anywhere else and loneliness is never good for any kid and can lead to many bad habits that they can develop later on in life.

Kickboxing will definitely teach your kids to be a lot more social in life. Kickboxing along with many other Martial Arts has a very strong sense of community.

Many other kids all around the world practice the sport of kickboxing, and that will make it easier for your kid to make new friends. 

So you won’t have to worry about your kid not being able to make new friends, or being lonely.

Choosing a Club

There are several factors to consider when choosing a club for your kid to join. The first being minimum age. As I said above some gyms do have a minimum age restriction so your kid could possibly be too young. Best to check with the gym first.

Many other factors to consider may include

  • How well the gym is run
  • How clean the gym is
  • The atmosphere in the gym
  • The coaches/trainers in the gym

Final Thoughts

Kickboxing for kids has many benefits, and there are also so many opportunities nowadays for people that are into this sport. 

To recap on these benefits Kickboxing…

  • Keeps them fit
  • Teaches them about discipline and concentration
  • Teaches them how to defend themselves
  • Teaches them to be social
  • And overall it is FUN

If your kid gets good enough, and they fall in love with the sport, they might actually have a chance to compete on a professional level one day.

Overall kickboxing has so many benefits for the well-being of your kid’s health and mental state.

And for all those great reasons, kickboxing truly is a great sport for your kids.

If you still aren’t sure that Kickboxing is right for your kids then check out this article here explaining what the best Martial Arts for Kids are.

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