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What are the BEST Martial Arts for Kids of all ages?

Which martial arts are best for Kids? Such a difficult question to be quite honest and it can be hard to answer. The honest answer is it varies and differs for each kid. All we know is that martial arts are good for kids.

Far from belonging to the category of violent sports (as in some cases they have been considered), martial arts represent a real lifestyle. By now, these disciplines are part of educational programs and have become a tool to help children develop and improve all their physical and motor skills.

Starting at an early age is good

Kids karate

Practising a physical activity from an early age is essential to a child’s life. Especially when we take into account the fact that, according to the World Health Organization, childhood obesity is already considered an epidemic disease.

This is majorly due to the sedentary lifestyle and the excessive use that the advent of technology provides us. Children no longer go out to jump, run. As early as four years, kids can learn and practice martial arts.

Within this context, when a child is in contact with martial arts and physical exercise, he is likely to gain allot since it is good for his health and body. He will begin also begin to participate in an important social conviction for the formation of his culture, character and even discipline.

Therefore, when parents decide to align this contact with activities with martial arts, the gain may be even greater, as having a fight not only increases the physical and social but also serves to develop their self-defence.

Martial arts can be used to improve social interaction and to promote values such as respect, solidarity and responsibility. Moreover, they allow us to increase self-confidence by improving self-esteem. Their contribution to the proper functioning of the body and mind is invaluable.

The benefits of martial arts for children

1. Maintainance of body fitness.

The regular practice of a sport has the first result of maintaining excellent physical fitness. Muscle tissues grow and strength.

Martial arts respect children’s growth processes. They enable a balance to be established between the abilities of each age and the need to progress by facing new challenges.

2. Respect as the main defence weapon

It is not just a matter of hitting or being hit; the main “weapons” of martial arts are respected for others and self-esteem. Children learn to see sport as a true lifestyle.

Despite being disciplines in which one competes individually, teamwork is of fundamental importance. Among the training partners, there is a team spirit that is not always found in other sports. Group work is of fundamental importance.

3. A discipline for life

It starts with putting on the uniform correctly. All the basic rules must be followed to the letter to greet in the correct way or to respect the program of daily training.

The discipline is intended as a set of rules and rules to be respected in order to achieve objectives that go far beyond sports.

Through martial arts, children develop a method to relate to the outside world, from the relationship with parents to the way they study. It develops the ability to set short, medium- and long-term goals and strategies to achieve them.

4. Improve self-esteem

Some children, from an early age, show low self-esteem and insecurity in their abilities. Martial arts allow you to “defeat” and overcome these obstacles. The little ones begin to take pleasure in what they do and in the results they get.

5. Martial arts and bullying

Unfortunately, there are many cases of children and adolescents returning home depressed or with physical and psychological injuries. These are some of the consequences of being bullied at school. An increasingly widespread problem.

Some specialists suggest bullying victims enrol in Karate, Kickboxing or Taekwondo courses. The rules of these disciplines plan not to take the fighting out of the gyms. Knowing effective techniques that allow the defence in extreme cases can still be useful.

The first thing the instructors teach is to avoid confrontation. In their lessons, people learn to protect themselves by neutralizing the aggressor’s blows without causing damage. In a short time, you have the right tools to defend yourself. This allows you to feel more confident and have greater self-esteem.

Which Martial arts to choose?


Kids Jiu Jitsu

Jiu-jitsu uses guerrilla tactics. It avoids any showdown. Specifically, a physically stronger opponent can use his power only suboptimal, namely in the clinch and in the ground combat. The opponent is deliberately placed in positions where every misconduct can easily be exploited and used against him.

Especially in the mental field, Jiu-Jitsu Training brings an enormous increase in self-confidence and sovereignty in stressful situations. At the same time, however, the kids also know his limits. This leads to a realistic self-assessment and helps to make clear decisions.


Karate is one of the oldest martial arts. The word karate literally means an empty-handed road, since its practitioners do not use weapons for fighting, only their own hands and feet.

Karate can help children improve their physical fitness, including coordination, strength and flexibility. It transmits some of the most valuable values such as perseverance, self-control and responsibility.

Moreover, karate is also beneficial for treating different disorders. For example, it has been shown that this type of training is useful for children suffering from autism and a Deficit of Attention. It can also be a complementary therapy if there are anxiety problems or the child is a victim of bullying.


Kids boxing

Boxing includes use of fist to hit an opponent. This is an essential sport activity for kids. Through its rules, discipline is impacted o children, and they also learn how to defend themselves.


Wrestling is determined by who will leave the ring as the winner. Complicated technical processes are completely choreographed and practised together.

In the children’s course, bruises or even injuries are minimal have been missing. Wrestling is an important aspect in keeping your kids fit.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai comes, as the name suggests, originally from Thailand. In Thailand for decades a popular sport, the fighting style has been gaining in importance for some time in the Western world. For kids who are interested in fitness and those who want to lose weight, martial arts are ideal.

The various kick, knee and punch techniques make for the perfect total body workout and burn a lot of calories. In addition, the work on claws and punching bag is an excellent way to reduce stress and let off steam.


Kick Boxing includes various specialities that differ depending on the intensity of the contact – Semi Contact, Light Contact, Kick Light, Full Contact, Low Kick – of which only the last two involve a full contact. It is also a sport that takes place in extreme safety and guarantees multiple benefits, both physically and psychologically for the kids.

Light contact training, in particular, is suitable for everyone, especially children, both boys and girls, who receive considerable advantages.

It helps them overcome shyness and fear and feel safer, improves coordination and lengthens the muscles in a rapid and effective way, allows you to channel their energy, making them have fun with the right discipline.

It also helps them to develop their physicality, as well as to experience emotions by learning to deal with them.

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The philosophy is similar to judo and karate, but due to its origin, it is a more spectacular sports insight since the fighting uses a kick, hand, fist, elbow, foot techniques and knee. By learning Taekwondo, kids overcome shyness and fear and feel safer, and it improves coordination.

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Martial arts are good for our kids to learn because it impacts positively on them. With so many benefits such as the ones we listed above, it’s easy to see why so many parents across the globe are sending their kids to Martial Arts classes.

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