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Recommended Headgear


Headgear can be used in Boxing, MMA and most martial arts. They are usually similar in build with a general price range. 

Headgear is essential for training and also competing in amateur and Olympic boxing. It protects a fighter against cuts, scrapes, and swelling.

There are several different styles of headgear but mostly 3 main types of headgear are open face, cheek protected and grill.

Other things to consider when buying headgear is ear protection. Meaning whether your ear is cover or open.

Also if you have long hair some headgear can be difficult to fit it in.

Here is my favourite headgear to wear.

RDX Headguard

What I like about the RDX Head-guard are a number of things.

  • It’s leather
  • It’s cheap
  • It has a front grill
  • It looks nice

This is a great and inexpensive bit of headgear that will get you ready for sparring.

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