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Should My Kid Learn Taekwondo? Everything you need to know

Ever thought of teaching your kids self-defence? Taekwondo can be an amazing boost in your child’s life for many reasons.

Self-defence lessons from an early age can inspire confidence, motivation and inner peace and these feelings can last a long time.

Furthermore helping your kids live longer and happier lives.

What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a combat sport developed in Korea between the 1940’s and 1950’s. The sport mainly consists of kicks such as high-kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques.

Why should my kid learn Taekwondo?

There may be many reasons why you want your kids to learn Taekwondo. Most parents would like their child to learn some form of self-defence and whether these reasons are personal or not, there are much more benefits associated with your child learning self-defence than you might realise, these benefits are what I will go over in this article.

More specifically, I will go over numerous benefits associated with teaching your kids taekwondo and what you can expect from doing so, let’s do this.

What age should my kid start Taekwondo?

It does not make a major difference as to what age your child should start Taekwondo, however, in my opinion, the earlier your child starts the better as he/she will learn the basics quite easily and have more time to develop the skills even further.

Majority of gyms will have a minimum age to start classes so ask beforehand.

Some gyms take kids from as young as 5 years of age.

What Equipment do I need to start Taekwondo?

Taekwondo for kids can be relatively inexpensive and does not require a lot of equipment.

Here are a number of items to consider buying for your kid starting Taekwondo.

Some of these items are optional, but they will help your kids improve their Taekwondo performance.

  • Gloves
  • Body guard
  • Mouth Guard
  • Groin Guard
  • Headgear
  • Handwraps
  • Freestanding Bag

8 Benefits of Taekwondo for Kids

Teenagers taekwondo

Number 1 – Taekwondo could make the kids happier

One of the bigger issues in today’s society is violence, specifically with the youths of this generation. This can be especially worrying for the younger people of this generation.

Taekwondo can help with this, it can help reduce fear in the minds of the younger generation who might be scared. Learning a self-defence art such as taekwondo can help an individual grow in self-confidence and this can, in turn, lead to less feeling of fear and this can overall make the kids happier.

Number 2 – Taekwondo could instil good behaviour in our youth

Taekwondo is a very respectable form of self-defence that teaches the art of defence. Since taekwondo is none-offence, the younger generation may be inspired by the art of self-defence and this in itself can lead to troubled teens turning to more productive solutions other than violence.

Not having a passion for anything can lead to teens finding passion from none beneficial activities, learning this art at an early age can teach your kids self-discipline and the fact that they can always turn to taekwondo means they will always have a passion for something.

Number 3 – Taekwondo can inspire inner peace

Closely linking in with the first pointer on this list, learning the art of taekwondo can increase self-discipline, self-confidence and motivation and the combination of these traits can lead a person to achieve a lot in life.

Achieving a lot can work wonders for those who haven’t achieved much in their lives due to lack of opportunity. Through consistent personal achievements comes inner happiness and an increased belief in one’s abilities and all of this combined can lead to true inner happiness.

Number 4 – The art of taekwondo could keep your child safe

Everyone knows there is violence in this world, sometimes justified, sometimes not. The fact of the matter is simple, violence can happen anytime anyplace and the consequences will be less dire if an individual involved knows how to end it.

This is why the art of self-defence was born, it was formulated with to help those who wish no harm on anyone else, to prevent harm from coming to them. Teaching your kids taekwondo could massively increase his/her odds of protecting him/her self.

Number 5 – Self-defence can massively assure parents of their child safety

Now obviously learning a self-defence art doesn’t make you invincible we all know this but parent’s worry about the future’s of their kids, parent’s worry about bad things happening to them. Having your kid learn taekwondo, watching and learning of his/her abilities can lessen any worry that you might already be filled with. Many worried parents may believe they can control the outcome of their kid’s lives when in reality, all parent’s can do is help shape their future.

Number 6 – Taekwondo can keep your kid fit

The incredible sport of taekwondo can massively contribute towards your kids living much healthier lives. Taekwondo classes can be very physically demanding at times, especially when they move up the ranks and because of this, the constant activity will improve his/her cardiovascular health furthermore leading to a much healthier child. Not every child is made for the gym and that’s okay, they might, however, be made for the art of taekwondo. So, even if it’s just for the fitness aspect, an unhealthy child would greatly benefit from taking part in the sport.

Number 7 – This self-defence art can teach your child to be aware of a threat

A common trait most teenagers and younger people alike share is a dulled sense to be able to detect danger, this is precisely why the younger generation are and always have been the biggest risk-takers. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to change this aside from waiting for them to grow up. Since it’s fairly uncommon for the younger people in this day and age to be taught self-defence and danger awareness, this might be just what they need. Picking up on a threat is the first step to getting away, taekwondo can help you notice the signs earlier on.

Number 8 – The art of Taekwondo teaches respect

Another common trait in teenagers nowadays. Respect is not often given these days, it’s very rare you can have a respectful conversation with a stranger and yet taekwondo could completely turn this around. This art could be the turning point in the youth of our generation, but only if every younger individual was to attend classes. Respect is a very desired mannerism that is not as often seen anymore, this makes taekwondo that much more inspiring.

The bottom line

The art of taekwondo possesses the ability to inspire, motivate and bring inner peace to all those who learn this self-defence. It can help assist people tackle their greatest fears, can increase their overall confidence and can quite literally change peoples lives. Teaching this art to the younger generation is by far the greatest thing we could do.

The art of self-defence can reduce feelings of worry and insecurities in the minds of parents. It can help reassure them that any dangers their child face has a much lower chance of causing them any real harm and this will have all come down to the art of taekwondo.

Overall, this increase in confidence, inner peace and happiness may also pass on to the parents, this will, in turn, lead to a much happier and more secure family.

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