Top Dumbbell Workout Routine to Become Fit in 2021 |

Top Dumbbell Workout Routine to Become Fit in 2021

When it comes to preparing the body for summer or just boosting one’s health, people usually seek home exercises. It might be some programs found on YouTube or recommendations from friends who are into sports for ages. Most experts believe that a dumbbell workout routine is a must both for beginners and pros in sports. So, let’s share how it may assist your body, and what the best exercises are.

Starting Your Dumbbell Workout Program Without Stress

Prior to jumping to an exhausting dumbbell workout program, you should clearly understand your level of training. You may consult your healthcare provider, strange it may sound. Your doctor may evaluate your health, and tell you what workouts are safe for you. Or, you may stick to the following recommendations before starting your intensive home dumbbell workout routine:

  1. Begin with warmups. You may stretch your body, and do a plank, for example. Overlook how you feel yourself. It helps to measure whether you are “dead” after 15 minutes of training, or you can go on;
  2. Proceed with harder exercises. You may start first with the basic physical culture taught at school. Check again how much time you can withstand.

If both experiences are linked to extreme complexity, your home dumbbell workout program should be tailored for beginners. If everything is ongoing at ease, you can seek various levels of dumbbell workout routine. Okay, let’s proceed with the exercises.

What About the Best Home Dumbbell Workout Routine?

When choosing free YouTube sources, or just professional websites that post dumbbell only workout routine pdf materials for your shoulder, upper tricep, bicep, butt, and overall body, you won’t lack options. Below, there are the best exercises to power your body with its fit looking. Off we go!

#1 Boosting Your Press

Lay on the floor, and take your dumbbells. Lift them above your chest, and repeat it 10 times. The ideal number of sets is 4. Yet, if you feel tired, start with 2/3 sets of 10 repetitions. It is recommended to do it without rest.

#2 Barbell Rows

This exercise from a dumbbell workout program is perfect for your back and arms. Hold dumbbells in both arms with palms facing each other. Bend your body a little bit forward, and row the weights to both your sides. Overlook your knees, since they should not step over your toes. You can do 4 sets of them, 10 times each. No rest is required.

#3 Press-Ups

This exercise is suitable for men and those who have some belly and want to get rid of it. Otherwise, it is ideal for your weak arm or forearm parts. Lay on the floor, and take the plank. Keep the dumbbells in your hands, and do press-ups. Ensure you do not sink in your back, since it may cause injuries. 4 sets with 10 repetitions are good for the beginning.

#5 Reverse Flye

Last but not least exercise from the home dumbbell workout program is reverse flye. You should bend your body forwards from your hips. Take dumbbells in each hand, and lift up the weight to your shoulders. After that, return them back. Again, 4 sets with 10 repetitions are perfect to boost your body.

Tips for Home Dumbbell Workout Program

Now, when you are aware of the standard dumbbell only workout routine exercises, you may practice them. With time, your body will get used to the complexity of training. Then, you can enlarge the number of sets and repetitions. Beyond that, you can forget about rest between repetitions. Final tips for your workout program at home are:

  • After practicing all exercises, one should make up their mind about the best plan of workout. You can define what exercises you will do on what day. For instance, on Monday you concentrate on your bicep, leg, tricep, forearm. On Tuesday, you add barbell, lat exercises among others;
  • Ensure you surround your full sports place with comfort. If possible, buy a roll mat. Remove all distractions or items that you may accidentally touch and get injured during the intensive exercises;
  • Never forget about water. Even though some sports experts say that water should be avoided between exercises, it is not true. You may get dehydrated very easily, and then fill your workout routine with hatred.

Note, you should not push yourself for a home dumbbell workout routine if you do not have any motivation for sports. Moreover, if you make yourself practice dumbbell exercises, you will soon get bored. Get inspired, and only then you will see the first results.

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