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What Do You Learn in an MMA Class?

People have often asked me ‘what exactly do you learn in an MMA class?’ With MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, becoming a worldwide phenomenon in recent years, Peoples interest in the sport has grown immensely. With professional bouts and fighters taking their place in the pantheon of sports figures the sport is continuing to grow and grow.

At the local level however is where most of these fighters get their start, in local MMA classes held mostly at martial arts ‘dojos’, or studios, and following the help of a ‘sensei’, or ‘sifu’, which means teacher.

If you’re looking to learn about MMA, get trained in the sport, or simply want to get into the best shape of your life, local MMA classes are the best place to start.

What, exactly, do you learn in an MMA Class?

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There are, to be sure, a wide variety of martial arts, from judo to tae kwon do, jiu-jitsu and many more. The reason MMA got its name is simple; MMA is a mixture of all the classic martial arts fighting styles, which give the fighter a more well-rounded martial arts education and allow them to pick and choose the best from each style for use in the ring.

So, in an MMA class, you’ll learn a wide variety of fighting styles. One day you might learn, for example, some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a fighting style with origins in Brazil. On another day, the fierce Thailand martial art called Muay Thai might be on the menu, as it were. What’s so great about MMA classes is that you can start there with no clue about which martial art you like best and, after a few weeks or months, find one that really fits your style and energy and start focusing more on that one in particular.

Is there more to an MMA Class than just learning to fight?

Yes, definitely! MMA is much more than just fighting. In fact, many people don’t care about the fighting so much as they care about the other aspects of life that MMA classes can teach, which can be used outside the fighting ring in many, modern-day situations and circumstances.

MMA Classes teach you the art of Self Defense

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Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you never want to actually fight someone, especially in the ring, where there’s always the chance you’ll get choked out or worse. Do you still want to learn about MMA in this case? Yes, definitely, because if you’re an MMA master you will have the ability to defend yourself in many different situations and against a wide variety of assailants, weapons and situations.

Being bullied at school? Being able to put that bully on the ground in 2 short moves (without hurting anything but their pride, mind you) is a very big deterrent to bullies as, in most cases, they are weak cowards to begin with.

Out on the town with your friends or family and some drunken fool attacks you or someone tries to mug you? If you’re an MMA expert you’ll be able to take them down quickly, before anyone gets hurt.

Just keep in mind that MMA is strictly for defensive purposes outside the ring and never, for any reason, use your skills to attack someone who isn’t posing a threat. Speaking of which…

MMA classes teach you self-control and discipline

Many a ‘wild child’ has gone to MMA classes and come out the other side a well-developed, fully in-control master of their own destiny, able to keep their anger in check, analyze a situation quickly and stay calm even in the most difficult of circumstances. It’s very rare for an MMA follower to lose control because it inherently teaches that, if you lose control, you lose.

MMA classes also teach you to have more self-control in terms of what you eat, how much you sleep, the importance of keeping your body in peak condition and, most importantly, the importance of camaraderie and friendship.

There’s simply no way you can spar and train with other men and women for hours a day and not gain at least a modicum of respect and trust for them.

Plus, as a bonus, MMA classes give you something that is very hard to find anywhere else; self-esteem. Learning, and mastering, something new is why and, as you get better, stronger and faster, your self-esteem will grow as well.

MMA classes teach you the value of family and community

It goes without saying that family and community are very important, especially today. Many people, however, don’t have the kind of community or family that give them the support they need, but that support can be found in spades at your local MMA class.

One of the reasons is simply that you can’t train in MMA by yourself, you always need at least one partner. In most MMA classes you’ll actually train with a wide variety of partners, some of whom will be better than you and some who won’t so that you can all improve together at your own rate.

And here’s a fact; you can’t belong to an MMA dojo without making a whole group of friends, people who will inspire you, cheer you on, keep you going and encourage you to keep getting better. In short, if friends and a ‘family’ are what you seek, look no further than your local MMA dojo.

MMA classes are a great way to get in the best shape of your life

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Here’s the thing; MMA classes are extremely physical. You will sweat like crazy, practice until your entire body is exhausted, sleep like a baby and, over time, turn your body into a rock-hard physical specimen that will be the envy of women and men alike (not that you should become conceited, but it’s still a sweet feeling).

As you get better and learn more martial art styles you will lose weight (usually quite quickly), gain lean muscle and increase your energy levels a hundred-fold. Your stamina will increase as your blood pressure lowers and your heart, lungs, muscles and joints get lean and strong.

In fact, as far as an overall workout is concerned, there are few activities better than MMA to get you into the best physical and mental shape of your life!

MMA classes are fantastic for stress relief

In today’s world one constant factor we’re all dealing with is stress. Stress from our jobs, stress from our families and spouses, stress from bills and traffic and, well, you get the picture. One of the best things about taking MMA classes is that they allow you to de-stress by giving you an outlet for that stress, and any anger, resentment, fear and other negative emotions that you might be feeling.

Truth be told, after an MMA class there’s almost no way to be stressed mentally because your body will be completely exhausted from wrestling, striking, lifting, moving and dodging. Most MMA enthusiasts will tell you that, far from being stressed, their MMA classes bring them peace, joy and keep them calm in practically any type of situation.

You’ll learn about other cultures in your MMA classes

While you’re learning about all the amazing martial arts from around the world you’ll also learn about the people and culture where they originated, when they were developed, who their greatest fighters are and much more. Think of an MMA class like a really well-rounded civics class in school, with the benefit that you get into spectacular shape and learn how to defend yourself at the same time!

Most MMA Classes also teach you different conditioning and training techniques


While not specifically martial arts, in most MMA dojos you’ll learn a wide variety of other work-out systems and techniques that will help you get into excellent physical shape.

Those may include boxing, either with a sparring partner or heavy bag, which is fantastic for endurance, increasing reaction time and honing your reflexes. Kettlebells, a workout tool developed in Russia, are another amazing technique and system you might learn, and one of the best ways to build a rock-solid core while burning off a ton of calories.

You might also learn how to use a medicine ball, learn some kickboxing techniques, and also learn a wide variety of stretching techniques to get you limbered up (and avoid injuries) before you train.

In conclusion, MMA classes are fantastic!

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As you can see, MMA classes teach you so much more than simply learning how to throw a punch or kick. From self-defense to self-discipline, mastering a new skill, learning about new and different cultures and finding the peace and calm your life needs, MMA classes have it all. In fact, from new friends to getting in the best shape of your life, MMA classes offer an entire new world of opportunities to grow as a person and live a better, happier, more joy-filled life (and learn to kick butt in the process!).

Whether you’re a young person looking to learn how to defend yourself from bullies, an adult who wants to get into peak condition at any age, or you have dreams of stepping into the octagon and taking on an opponent in a match of determination and skill, MMA classes have what you’re looking for and so much more.

Now that you know what’s in stake for you in an MMA Class, why not try our MMA Gym workout to do in your local gym. Check it out here.

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