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Workout Routine: How to Be in the Best Shape Possible?

Don’t you like your shape? Whether you want to lose weight or build muscles, you need to follow the right workout routine. You’ll achieve the result you need if you do exercises regularly. It isn’t enough to go to the gym to be in a good shape. The choice of an effective gym workout program is crucial.  It is important to choose the best workout routine for you personally. This means you need to take into account your physical abilities.  Check the gym workout program that will help you to achieve progress within a short time.

Workout Program:  Rules to Follow

If you are new to building muscles and going into the gym, check what you should know before you get started.

  • Nutrition. Gaining muscle mass is impossible without diet, but here we are already talking about several other components. Any man should remember that when gaining mass, it is necessary to eat 4-5 times a day, in large portions. The products should be rich in calories, but at the same time not have a high nutritional value. Don’t miss breakfast in the morning.
  • Lifting weights. As for the training itself, in the case of a set of muscle mass, the emphasis is on lifting large weights (stronglifts), while the training itself is not very intense. It is necessary to lift a solid weight (80% of the full bodyweight is the level that will allow you to effectively build muscle). But you need to take breaks at least one minute long (more load – more break) so as not to harm metabolism. 
  • Warming up the body is a must. It is fundamentally wrong to start strength exercises immediately after coming to the gym. In order for the best gym workout routine to give a result (it does not matter if we are talking about powerlifting or body building), it is necessary to properly warm up the body. For this, running exercises on a treadmill are usually used – in no case should you run at an angle, even if the simulator allows it – for about five to ten minutes. 

During this time, it is necessary to run at least a kilometer, it will be better if the distance is at least one and a half. The muscles become ready for stress, the risk of injury is significantly reduced. If, as it happens, there is no treadmill in the gym, you can warm up on the spot: squats, jumping in place at a moderate pace, arm rotation, some guys also rub their muscles with their palms, raising their temperature. Running, however, is preferable for any fitness workout program because it gives a more complex effect.

Daily Workout Routine:  Why Should You Train in Gym?

Many men train at home, but there is a certain list of programs and exercises that must be performed in the gym. In the gym, the pectoral muscles swing. This is due to the fact that doing the bench press without a safety net can be dangerous to the health of someone who takes such a risk. The same goes for exercises for the muscles of the legs and back. These three groups (chest, back, legs) constitute the so-called base, thanks to which the visual effect of the gym workout routine is visible.

In terms of leg muscles, by far the most popular exercise is the barbell squat – even visually, it looks both spectacular and effective. The extension of the legs on the machine and the bench press is only slightly inferior in efficiency to squats.

The gluteus muscles lend themselves to training with shallow squats with weights, with this muscle group sometimes even experienced gym-goers need some help. The press swings on an incline bench, if necessary, then additional weights are taken (many use plates for the bar), leg lifts are used to pump the muscles of the lower press – it is especially effective to do this exercise on a horizontal bar.

Gym Workout Program:  Train 3 Days a Week and You’ll See a Result

The best workout routine for men in the gym is three days weekly. You are free to train more but it’s the optimal workout program. Here is an example of workouts that follows the same principle.

  1. Day 1 (chest and triceps muscles)
  • Warm-up on a treadmill
  • Bench press
  • Dumbbell press
  • Dumbbell breeding
  • French press
  • Extension of the arms using the block
  1. Day 2 (leg muscles and abs)
  • Warm-up on the simulator
  • Squats or punch push-ups
  • Bends in different directions with weight
  • Standing Calf Raises
  • Crunches on the press
  • Plank
  1. Day 3 (muscles of the shoulders, back, biceps)
  • Warm-up on the simulator
  • Deadlift
  • Pull-ups
  • Bench press standing
  • Chin pulls
  • Lifting dumbbells

Whether it’s gaining muscle mass or losing weight, you’ll see the desired result if you follow the workout program. The main thing is the consistency of training and proper nutrition that should be combined with the daily workout routine.

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