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Chloe Ting Workout Program and What Is Special About It

The 2 weeks shred challenge in Chloe Ting workout program that captured the hearts of fitness admirers during the lockdown has now become a cult fitness routine. The young and energetic vlogger Chloe Ting on her YouTube channel uploaded the free of charge workout plan that is easy to implement in anyone’s exercising at home. As a home workout queen, Chloe also combines her fitness recommendations with healthy meal ideas. Her plans are surprisingly easy to follow, not overly demanding, and appear to be easily adjusted to different lifestyles and even seasons of the year. 

To delve deeper into the peculiarities of working out with Chloe Ting, read the review on. 

Chloe Ting Workout Routine: the Main Pros and Cons

Now, Chloe Ting is mostly targeted at weight loss, lower body part fat burning, and full body workout.  As a rule, a fitness plan will contain a calendar with scheduled sessions. Each day contains one, two, or three and four short episodes. All you need for taking it up is a fitness mat and a burning desire to get a slim body. 


So, the features that we liked most of all in Chloe Ting workout routine include: 

  1. Easy instructions. 

The good thing is that all exercises by Chloe are straightforward and practically impossible to complete in the wrong way. The workout program Chloe Ting devised is the perfect guide for anyone counting themselves as a beginner in fitness. The pace of training is also quite acceptable.   

  1. Not time-consuming workout sessions.

Most of the videos are 20-25 minutes long but separate Chloe Ting workout program options include 10-minute episodes that allow you to make no excuses. Perhaps, short videos make it the best Chloe Ting workout program, especially for those constantly busy.    

  1. Free of charge plans. 

Who would not like to get good guidance in the program to improve your body shape completely for free? Among no-pay fitness sessions, that is the best version ever. 

  1. A variety of workout goals. 

As mentioned previously, each program and workout plan has a different aim – from a flat stomach to a fat burn in arm and thigh zones. If you are lucky and there is no ‘problem area’, pick full body training to keep yourself in a good shape. 

  1. Nice structure.

Now, each lesson has nearly 20 exercises all of which are provided with previews of the next moves and we think it’s a worthy format of workout.  

  1. The countdown. 

This convenient feature lets you know how much time exactly you spend on this or that move. Plus, the ‘5 seconds till the end’ notification will let you have control over the last exercise in succession.  


Although the workout program Chloe Ting introduced is known for excellent results after just a two week training, there are still areas to work at in these programs.  

  1. Chloe is not a certified fitness trainer.

It is not always the sure-fire warranty of quality, but a certificate is still marking a person’s competence in teaching others to perform exercises. And what can we expect from an unprofessional? 

  1. A large number of videos as for a single day. 

While one 10-minute video is okay to watch during the morning daily exercise, four of them obviously go over the brim.   

  1. Excessive plank exercises. 

A dozen of planks in your training routine can often make you tired of it no matter if you’re new to fitness or are used to performing a plank.  

  1. A standard form of training which is promoting boredom. 

At first, the video instructing you to burn fat or train your muscles is fun to watch. But later, it becomes a mundane activity that somehow lacks a spice so that could be a significant drawback, especially for people who need to get some fresh motivation every once in a while. 

Our Advice on Doing A Workout Program Chloe Ting 

Now, every training would be effective on condition if completed correctly, regularly, and with a healthy goal. Having analyzed both pros and cons of Chloe workout program, we can neither view it as an absolute good and absolute harm. If you schedule those training sessions in a healthy amount, don’t get sick of them, or overwork, you’re welcome to prepare your tummy for the summer vacation. Just be ready to define your goal before taking part in a workout plan like that – do you need to reach an ultimate result in losing weight, work at muscle development, or just improve the quality of your cardio exercises? 

Evaluating Chloe Workout Program: the Final Say

Sure thing, if we look at what is offered for free, Chloe workout program seems a reasonable choice. It is both organized, gives you clear goals, and realistic expectations. If you are new to fitness and want to challenge yourself with a plan of workout, then the Chloe Ting program is a nice choice.  

On the other hand, it is far from a fitness class with a professional trainer who knows the human body inside out and can offer a set of super correct exercises. So, if you’re not concerned about the author’s lack of qualification, the correctness of her instructions, and the trustability, give it a try and find the best Chloe Ting workout program for your goals.

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