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How to Bet on Football Matches and Win: A Complete Guide

“Is it possible to win in sports betting?” — this question is of interest to the overwhelming majority of those who have recently started or just want to start making bets. Some people ask search engines something like “How to bet on football online and become rich” or “How to make money by betting”. Let’s say right away that a beginner has to understand the basic concepts, and only then be interested in “money” issues. Yes, it is possible to win in sports betting but you should do everything right and know where to make a bet.  

Where to Bet on Football: How to Choose the Site or App

How to bet on football and how to choose a bookmaker for betting? If you want to begin betting on sports, you should find a good bookmaker site. Where to bet on football? Bookmaker sites often offer different bonuses. But if you want to get more money, then pay attention to: 

  • The ability to place bets online in LIVE mode
  • Quotes that determine what the likely winnings will bring the bookmaker’s bets
  • The presence of live broadcasts on the official website, which allows you to watch your favorite matches without being distracted from sports betting.
  • Additional verification
  • Competent and efficient work of the technical support service
  • Convenient ways to deposit your funds or withdraw money without commission

How Can I Bet on Football and Win

In sports, one can’t be 100% sure of the victory of even an obvious favorite. The quotes for the winning of a team are approximately 1.10-1.40 or even lower. With such odds, you don’t get a lot of money from the bet. So, how to do everything right then?

  • Determine how much real money you can pay for it. How to bet on football online? Well, first of all, choose the amount that you are willing to risk, and don’t go beyond this limit. Never bet all the money you have or bank savings! Do it wisely.
  • Listen to sports experts but make a choice by yourself. Professionals usually understand what they do. But you shouldn’t copy their forecasts without thinking. Everyone can make mistakes. Just listen to experts and compare different opinions.
  • Don’t try to win back when you bet on football online. If the bet is not played, don’t immediately recoup. It is best to take a pause. Then continue playing with the same amounts as you played before. Otherwise, it can lead to the loss of money because your emotions may overwhelm you.
  • Don’t bet on your favorite team. How can I bet on football then? Your preferences can play a cruel joke on you. Most likely, you will be biased towards the match.
  • Don’t make hasty live bets. Such bets must be carefully considered. You need to analyze everything.     

Review of the Best Site to Bet on Football in 2021

Where can I bet on football online? The Combat Sport Events site is a legal bookmaker and accepts bets at This is the best site to bet on football according to users. The site focuses on online betting. Combat Sport Events is popular among bettors for numerous events and is one of the leaders in choosing bets. Also, new customers are attracted by a wide range of bonuses.

After entering the site, you will be offered registration. Fill out the form by entering the following information in the appropriate lines: phone number, date of birth, e-mail, and password to log into your account. Confirm your age (sports betting is only available for people over 18 years old) and read the rules of the site before you bet on football. Click “Register”. Then go to the next step.

The pre-match line of the bookmaker is one of the widest in the online betting market. Several hundred betting events are given daily. There are top leagues and matches, mid-level, and unpopular tournaments.

All transactions can be done through bank cards and e-wallets. The deposit is credited instantly, the withdrawal can take up to 30 days (usually, no more than a day).

By registering on the bookmaker’s platform, you agree to the terms and conditions of the betting site. In case of violation of the policy or any fraudulent actions, the administration has the right to block the account until the circumstances are clarified.

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