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Rocky and Creed Movies Rated Worst to Best


With talks of a Rocky prequel TV series, it’s time to take a look back at the most iconic boxing movie franchise of all time and rank the Rocky movies including Creed and Creed 2 from worst to best.

When Rocky hit the cinemas in 1976 it catapulted Sylvester Stallone and his character Rocky Balboa into worldwide superstardom.

Rocky made millions at the Box Office and won several Oscars the following year including best director, best picture and best film editing. 

Fast forward to 2015 and the franchise has started a new chapter with Creed. Creed aims to create it’s own identity while keeping the Rocky traditions that we all know and love.

*Note that if you haven’t seen a certain Rocky or Creed movie that there will be spoilers.

So without further ado, it’s time to rank.

My List

  1. Rocky (1976)
  2. Creed (2015)
  3. Rocky II (1979)
  4. Creed II (2018)
  5. Rocky III (1982)
  6. Rocky Balboa (2006)
  7. Rocky IV (1985)
  8. Rocky V (1990)

8: Rocky V (1990)

Movie Synopsis

Considered by many as the worst of the Rocky series, Rocky V featured a young up-and-coming real-life heavyweight boxer by the name of Tommy Morrisson. Morrisson’s character (also called Tommy) is discovered by Rocky and trained ultimately to become a world champion.

However, a poisonous boxing promoter resembling a similar real-life promoter (Don King) enters the picture and turns Tommy against Rocky.

What I thought of it

The reason this movie is last on the list is for several reasons. The plot doesn’t quite grasp the audience in the same way the previous movies did. The relationships in the movie don’t quite balance well and the plot of the movie tends to just away constantly throughout the movie. However, it is a Rocky movie at the end of the day and still worth a watch in my opinion.

7: Rocky IV (1985)

Movie Synopsis

After a run on top as the champion of the world, Rocky Balboa looks to retire and live the rest of his life with his wife and child. However, Russian powerhouse Ivan Drago is tearing up the Heavyweight division and looks to take Rocky’s title.

Apollo decides to take a fight with Drago and is mercilessly beaten to death inside the ring while cornered by Rocky. Unable to live with the shame Rocky challenges to Russian to a fight.

The fight is held in Russia and Rocky ultimately beats him and gains the respect and admiration of the Russian crowd and reclaims his position on top.

What I thought of it

This movie did have some very entertaining yet overblown moments such as the James Brown singing entrance, the training montage’s and the chanting soviet crowd watching Rocky’s battle with the Herculean Ivan Drago.

And not to mention some incredible quotes such as

“If he dies, he dies”. 

Rocky IV is a favourite among fans however it does not have as much dept as the previous movies and in my opinion, this is where the franchise started to decline.

Although a relatively enjoyable movie it had too many cliches with what seemed like lazy writing and not to mention a lot of montages.

The movie is predictable but still fun to watch.

6: Rocky Balboa (2006)

Movie Synopsis

An aged and long-retired Rocky owns and runs a restaurant in Philadelphia, where he entertains his customers with old tales of a heavyweight champ.

While mourning his beloved wife Adrian, Rocky yearns to reignite that old spark and opts to re-enter the ring for a few local and low profile fights.

Everything changes however when Rocky sees an automated match on television with the current heavyweight champion Mason “the Line” Dixon played by Antonio Tarver.

The champ is not happy and takes aim at the retired fighter. In an effort to fight one last time Rocky gathers his team and trains for his toughest challenge yet.

What I thought of it

This movie surprised me quite a bit. The way it portrays Rocky’s character makes you empathise with him and of course root for him in his comeback fight.

The movie touched on all the familiar topics a true Rocky movie would. There was an introduction of a new female character and her son that made the movie more humble. Also the relationship with his son comes into the plot which offers more …

On the negative side his opponent, although a real boxer isn’t the big bad villian that we all come to know from a Rocky movie.

Another great Rocky movie that delivers a tremendous performance from Sylvester Stallone.

5: Rocky III (1982)

Movie Synopsis

After Rocky becomes the world heavyweight champion, former loan shark Rocky Balboa becomes famous and rich beyond belief. His reign at the top makes him overconfident and lazy which concerns his trainer Micky. 

In an unfortunate turn of events, Rocky loses his title and his trainer. At a turning point in his career, Rocky receives a wake-up call when Clubber Lang dominates the division and snatches his title.

Aided by now friend Apollo Creed, Rocky trains to get revenge, learning a new style of fighting to overcome the power of Clubber Lang.

What I thought of it

The movie almost creates a new and improved Rocky using his new slicker style to take down the villain depicted by Mr T. 

The birth of a boxing classic, the song ‘Eye of the Tiger’ by the band Survivor entered the movie montage and instantly became the most used boxing song.

For a fun-packed action movie, Rocky 3 is a great watch.

4: Creed II (2018)

Movie synopsis

Creed 2 is the latest edition to the Creed franchise and what an edition. In this movie, we see the mental battle Adonis Creed faces after losing a fight to Ivan Drago’s son.

In an attempt to seek revenge of his father’s death Adonis jumps into a challenging fight against Drago’s son without Rocky in his corner.

Facing defeat and possible life-changing injuries he attempts to return and finally seek the revenge he yearns for.

What I thought of it

Throughout the movie we see glimpses of the traditional Rocky template. The conflicting opinions between characters, the larger than life villains and the exhilarating montage’s that make this an epic movie.

This movie compared to the previous Creed is more reminiscent of the classic Rocky series and to me is definitely worth a watch.

3: Rocky II (1979)

Movie synopsis

After his loss to heavyweight champion Apollo Creed, his incredible story from working-class to hero boxer catches the worlds attention.

With the world watching now is the time to capitalize on his newfound fame and face Creed once again however events occur that jeopardize Rocky’s fight.

Meanwhile, Creed is frustrated, annoyed that a ‘nobody’ almost beat him. Creeds arrogance aims to lure Rocky back into the ring for the rematch.

What I thought of it

What a follow up to an incredible movie. The working-class Rocky Balboa returns once again to finish what he started in beating Apollo Creed.

This movie delivers a great sequel to the first movie. Another great performance by each cast member really drives home the tale of the underdog.

We empathize with Rocky and Adrian as they find themselves struggling with fame.

2: Creed (2015)

Movie synopsis

Adonis Johnson never got to know his father the famous Apollo Creed. With built-up anger Adonis takes up boxing, training himself and fighting lower competition. He later seeks Rocky to train him to make his way to a title fight.

What I thought of it

I was extremely excited when I first heard that this movie was being made, and it exceeded all my expectations.

The movie brings a new urban feel to the franchise although separate from Rocky it does start the new era of fight movies.

Introducing new and old memorable character Stallone puts in an incredible performance.

The fight scenes are incredible and have come a long way since the original Rocky movie. The fact that the had Tony Bellew, a professional boxer, there for the direction I think made it all the better.

Michael B Jordan does an incredibly convincing job as Adonis Creed. His character is seen first to be immature but convinces us that he has much more to prove.

1: Rocky (1976)

Movie Synopsis

The movie that kicked off the Rocky Franchise. This is the foundation for many films to follow not only in the Rocky series but many more. 

The story of a small-time boxer from a working-class city of Philadelphia is randomly chosen to take on Apollo Creed, the Heavyweight champion of the world when Apollos opponent is injured. Rocky summons his skills and together with trainer, Mickey Goldmill begins his journey to do the impossible and claim the Heavyweight crown. 

What I thought of it

Where do I start, such a classic movie. This movie introduces so many memorable characters, scenes and quotes that it is regarded as one of the greatest sports movies of all time. It’s easy to see why this movie was a success with its release in the 70’s.

In 1976 the world was introduced to the lovable quite boxer called Rocky Balboa. Set in a tough area in Philadelphia, the Rocky movie delivers some scenes with a gritty and raw feel to it.

The rags to riches story capture the audience with amazing performances from the entire cast.
This underdog boxing tale set the bar for many more sports movies to come.

In my opinion, it’s better to just watch rather than describe. So go grab a copy and enjoy.

So there you have it. Every movie from the Rocky and Creed franchise from worst to best. Whatever movie you choose you are sure to enjoy.

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