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10 Of The Best Heavy Bag Gloves, You Will Want To Buy

Introduced to competitive fighting in 1818 the boxing glove has developed over the years however, its function has remained the same, to protect the hands and wrists of the fighters. So what are the best heavy bag boxing gloves for you?

Tyson Burbank B and W

The list that I have came to looks like this.

  • 10: Adidas Hybrid 100 Boxing Gloves
  • 9: Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves
  • 8: Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves
  • 7: Venum Impact Boxing Gloves
  • 6:RDX F7 Ego (Favourite)
  • 5: RIVAL Boxing Evolution Hook and Loop Bag Gloves
  • 4: TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves
  • 3: Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki Leather Boxing Gloves
  • 2: Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves
  • 1: WINNING Training Boxing Gloves MS500B

Before we breakdown the pros and cons of these gloves we must breakdown the varieties of gloves and what to look for in a pair of Boxing gloves.

For me, the iconic fierce red colour of the Everlast gloves where what I knew from boxing growing up. Now there are many styles variations of gloves, Each unique to the fighter.

In the market today you have a variety of styles purposes and sizes.

In this article, we will go over the best gloves for training with the heavy bag specifically. However, you can, of course, use any of these gloves for sparring and pad work.

Rocky-Marciano with everlast boxing gloves

What type of boxing glove should I buy?

Depending on what your goal is the purpose of your boxing gloves will depend on a number of factors. If you are an experienced boxer with seasoned knuckles or whether you are a beginner looking to use the heavy bag we have the gloves for you in this list.
Consider what you are using the gloves for the heavy bag, Sparring, Training mitts or all. Also, take into account your size and weight when choosing.

What size boxing glove should I buy?

Gloves can be a variety of weights and this can determine what kind of padding is also inside. They can range from 8oz all the way to 18oz. The size you will be looking for will determine your weight, punching power and what you wish to achieve from the gloves. Here is a table to determine what is best for you.


Custom made vs shop bought boxing gloves

The elite level of professional boxers will obviously always have their gloves custom made. Brands like Grant will tailor-make for fit, comfort and colour. These are the majority of fighters go to gloves at the moment. Fighters like Floyd Mayweather, GGG, Canelo Alvarez and Andre Ward have all been seen sporting this popular glove.

This list, however, will focus on the shop-bought glove that the average boxer will use as the average boxer will not have thousands to spend on custom gloves.

signed Ali Gloves

What to look for in a boxing glove?

There are several things to look for in a boxing glove.


Does the glove fit snug? Is there enough space in the thumb area.


Make sure the protection is good around the knuckles and wrist.


Does it last wear and tear in the gym. Will everything remain the same after intense heavy bag sessions.

Synthetic or real leather

The lower end of the scale will be Synthetic leather which is still good for beginners. I still use synthetic leather gloves to hit pads.

Wrist/thumb support

Is there enough support? Does it double strap the wrist? Things to look out for on the gloves.


Does it have a strap that’s easy to tie using your own mouth even? Laces are more for fighting and require someone to lace you up.


Are the gloves worth the price? Is it worth the money for what you are looking to achieve from boxing?

This list will run from 10 – 1. Number 10 begins with a new beginner level and advances all the way to the professional level.

So let’s get into it.

Here are my top 10 Heavy Bag Boxing gloves

10: Adidas Hybrid 100 Boxing Gloves

A great glove for real beginners. Great for hitting pads, however the padding is soft and you really feel your knuckles coming through after a year or so of hitting a sand filled heavy bag.

9: Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves

Another great beginner glove these gloves feels more secure and heavy. These have the same issue as the Adidas Hybrids however they support the wrist that bit better.

8: Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves

This glove moves up slightly in price but is still a very cheap glove for what you get. Seen worn by many combat pros including McGregor.

Check Price here

7: Venum Impact Boxing Gloves

Venum does a really great job when it comes to creating a good looking glove. Try this glove out when you have advanced to sparring.

Click here to check price

6: RDX F7 Ego (favourite)

A step up in quality this glove has great durability and looks incredible. All at a great price.

This, in my opinion, are the best bang for your buck and are my top rated all-round gloves. Check out the price here.

5: RIVAL Boxing Evolution Hook and Loop Bag Gloves

A big jump in price these gloves look and feel nice. With great double strap wrist, it’s good for people that need extra support.

4: TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves

TITLE are known for their great boxing equipment and they are another step up in overall build quality. Thes gloves are all leather and are built to last.

3: Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki Leather Boxing Gloves (2nd Favourite)

Here we have my favourite looking gloves. Not only are they look good, but they also deliver in other departments such as overall build, wrist support, feeling solid.

I love these gloves and you will not be disappointed if you purchase them.

2: Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves

An incredible glove used by many great boxers including Manny Pacquaio, Floyd Mayweather and many more. These gloves are absolutely solid and a great fit. But god does it hurt to get hit by them.

It’s easy to see why Cleto Reyes gloves are 2nd on our list.

1: WINNING Training Boxing Gloves MS500B

These are of course the famous Winning gloves. A huge step up in price but there is a reason for it. Handmade in Japan these gloves offer comfort and durability.

Like strapping pillows to your hands these gloves are perfect for people that suffer with knuckle problems. Boxers have said that they barely feel throwing a punch while using these gloves.

So there you have my top 10 heavy bag boxing gloves. Each of these gloves are available to purchase on Amazon now. This is only my opinion of course but perhaps you would like to comment below and share your favourite pair of boxing gloves.

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