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Recommended Boxing Gloves

With so many boxing gloves on the market, it can be so tough to decide what to chose.

There are many factors when looking for gloves such as the purpose of the gloves and the size of the gloves. Everything is broken down at the start of this article here.

Below I have named my favorite pair of Boxing gloves.

I bought these gloves because of the brand and price.

While I have many types and brand of gloves I chose these as my favorite all-round glove.

RDX is a great brand and known for creating excellent equipment and low cost and in my opinion, these are the best gloves for the best price.

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The Structure

RDX Boxing gloves are manufactured with an animal-free Kalix Skin Vegan Combat Leather material which performs better against the regular wear-and-tear when put through rigorous abuse.

It is a comfortable soft material, and it does not soak up sweat as much as other gloves.

The material is not prone to damage during training which makes it ideal for Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Sparring and more.

The Fit

These gloves are snug. They fit my hand perfect even with a hand-wrap on. I can see though that someone with bigger hands might need 16oz gloves.

These are for training only and I would not use them for competing.

The Price

The price of these gloves is incredible for what you get. They are great for heavy bag, pad work and even sparring.

A great glove that won’t break the bank.

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